Window Cleaning and Other Services

Store Front Window Cleaning

Strip Center Window Cleaning

We clean windows for entire strip centers on a contract basis or on a per call basis. If you do not provide that service we can give a group discount for multiple monthly contract participants. Glass wall cleaning services can either be contracted to be exterior window cleaning or both interior window cleaning and exterior window cleaning.

Retail Store Window Cleaning

Do you have multiple retail stores?
We can customize a window cleaning agreement that will address all of your needs for a set number of locations that can be run on a route basis. Please contact us @ (817) 614-5142 regarding pricing and terms for contractual retail store window cleaning. * Note we can also do non-contractual per store at standard pricing.

National Chain Store Window Cleaning

No matter the format of your National Chain Store we can provide a comprehensive window cleaning program to meet your needs. It is likely that your stores my need windows cleaning in a strip center or a stand alone retail store. What ever the case is call today for a customized estimate for window cleaning services.

Specialty Services

New Construction Clean Up

Are you building a new house or commercial building?
Well, after the entire building is constructed and you are ready to start moving in call Tri-City Window Cleaners to remove paint over spray, drywall mud, dirt, dust, grease, adhesives, and any other foreign debris from your windows, window trim, window jams, chandeliers, etc.

Acid Washing on Glass - (Content under Revision)

Professional window washers trying to remove alkaline haze, runoff, water spots, sprinkler spots, foggy glass, haze caused by pollution, spotting or streaks from unsealed building runoff or other hard water or mineral stains or spots

Home owners or rental properties asking how to remove water spots on windows from sprinklers, water spots from rain or runoff, water spots, streaks, haze or foggy glass from poor cleaning or other hard water or mineral stains or spots

How to remove water spots, hazy glass, fogged glass on shower doors, windows, automobile glass from alkaline products or acid rain or other hard water stains or spots.

Car washes where heavy water spots, deposits, alkaline haze, foggy glass or other hard water spots and stains are a problem.

Transportation applications where ships, buses, trains, etc. have problems with water spots, alkaline haze foggy glass hard water stains.

Industrial applications where glass picks up stains, spots, foggy appearance, mineral deposits, or stains and spots from hard water.

Weather Proofing

It comes as no surprise to most homeowners that windows are one of the greatest sources of heat loss in a home. Energy-efficient windows are a great idea for a home improvement project, but no matter how great your window panes are, they don't do much good without proper installation and window sealing. Once you've noticed a draft coming from your windows or, worse yet, rainwater infiltrating your window sill, sealing windows is an immediate concern for the quality of your home's interior.

Weather-stripping and Window Flashing
Often, sealing windows requires nothing more than installing weather-stripping. This is one of the cheapest ways to seal your windows, and provides an effective barrier to keep the outdoor elements where they belong. Weather-stripping can be installed in traditional strips or with self-stick foam. More involved window sealing requires some form of window flashing. Window flashing is simply the name given to the process by which a seam or crack is made weatherproof. In essence, basic weather-stripping is a watered-down version of window flashing. A window seal can be created using caulking and tape, although more advanced systems use specialized foam.

Gutter Cleaning

A certified roofing-trained crew using safety equipment blow off the roof of all leaves, pine straw, and foliage debris. They fully inspect the current condition of your roof during their 10-point signature inspection, making notes of any issues. Upon your request, our crew can take photos of any necessary repairs.

They completely clear the debris out of the gutters and downspout systems using their high powered blowers. Any large accumulations of debris that won't blow out of the gutters, our crew will shovel the debris out by hand. They test the downspouts for clogs that were missed during the cleaning. On a rare occasion where gutter cleaning has been neglected, an over-abundance of debris can cause a major downspout clog in a downspout that requires the downspout to be dismantled and cleared by hand, which is not part of our basic service and requires and additional fee, but this needed service is very rare unless the gutters have been neglected or there is an inordinately large amount of trees and leaves over the gutters.

Finally, they clear the fallen gutter trash off the flat areas surrounding the home and blow it away from the house and into the natural landscape of the property.


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